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My life...

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Youll see ill name these chapters after songs. This is just some of my life... its in english...

Desperate Measures,

Chapter one...

My bestfriend... Danielle... She was just that best friend that is the cutiest... you go to the bar...she picks up the guys... So damned... But yeah... this is me and her together
me and d...:
as you see she is the pretty one with straight hair. But behind all that there is secrets... She was just a girl not knowing how to live life. And i was in a relationship. That wasnt the right one to be in. Brian and me... here a picture also
brian and me:
Looks happy right? No it was an hell for 3 years... so back to the story... Me and danielle have been friends for so long and she was into my boyfriend... well he dumped me we fought that night and he told me to get away. so i was heartbroken. Danielle was sleeping there for her internship. as we spoke off before me and him broke up. so a month passed by... and was still depressed... So as a friend danielle took me to the bar. We went and i met this guy called matthijs... Cute guy we started seeing eachother. A couple weeks passed suddenly he dumped me and got flirty with danielle but she didnt want him. At that time brian was looking at me... Gertjan a good friend of mine was always years in love with me. he wanted me but yeah i had brian. so finally had the nerves to send him a message. we talked and ended up dating... it was great... we fitted eachother perfect, Atleast untill my bestfriend fell inlove with him. and he dumped me. That broke my heart...  so i moved on after months of crying and not talking to Danielle... Well a month ago she reached out and was sorry for everything... We started seeing eachother again. and i helped her to a cute guy named jordi...

Just a kiss...

When i finally dropped brian. Got together with Johnny... and older person but sweet as hell... I truly liked him but yeah brian got in the way. So we broke up. but i didnt want brian back... Never after the years of pain... I could move on either... I got kicked out the house from my parents...So had to move into brians house. Well as friends we go good. So yeah went to a lanparty of an old friends of us... But yeah brian wasnt invited i was. So i went to the party and there i saw the person that made my heart beat. Timothy... his brown eyes that make me melt just seeing him. I blush his movements make me just drawn to him. So yeah i got the lovebite pretty bad... So after a while he wanted me to watch a movie with them. it was a horror so im a chicken and got scared easy... he kept helping me over my fear. he put his hand on my knee and i put mine over his. we watched the movie softly playing with each others hands... not meaningless but nothing really bad. So we kept going on and we kept just touching each others arms... After a while we finally kissed... the way he brought me close to him made my heart melt... it was loving yet so sweet.  so that night we spent only kissing and being the loving people. So the next day he had to leave and so did i, I went to my house and he worked we hadnt seen each other anymore but started apping alot together. But i had to start it and he didnt really flirt with me. Kinda weird right. Well with that behind that i got the courage and asked him out which is saturday. 9-8-14... cant wait for that date... itll be so sweet yet probably akward...

What you mean to me...
Well went on the date... at 8 pm we met at the brutus... thats a hard rock bar in amersfoort. so there i was waiting and suddenly he walked up and i just smiled... he smiled back and my heart raced... never have i been in love so bad. so after he got some money he walked up and hugged me. which at the time my heart was pounding so bad... but just those chocolate brown eyes... they make me melt. so we sat down had a siggaret and he talked with me. first he told me he didnt want a relationship. my heart sank i wanted to cry but didnt. so kept my cool and we laughed talked even about us. but yeah i respected him with not wanting a relationship. so by 11 oclock he needed to go for 10 minutes to talk to an old friend of mine dennis. he still talked to him and yeah of course dennis threated him if he hurt me he would be hurt. so after those 10 minutes he came back but in the meanwhile my best friend danielle and my sabaton sister were sitting with me. He smiled and sat next to me again. he laughed with my friends and laughed with me. slowly our hands touched and we kept them holding each others hands. he looked at our hands alot. and at me. but laughed more with danielles boyfriend Jordi. After a couple beers... i wanted to go pooling so we went into the boothill and first me and my best friend went. and we played it sexy. with our butts more standing out and leaning over the table. well that cought theyre eyes... so after that me and tim played. like in three shots he ruined the game by shooting the black ball wrong hole. i laughed and he smiled. so finely my best friend left as she was tired. and me timmy and kendra stayed behind. we walked over to the brutus and were sitting inside he started poking me trying to make me laugh but thats not my weakspot. so he kept going and trying outside he did it again and i know his weakspot his tummy. so i did a little tickel and he pulled me close and we kissed. how magical that felt. but yet i didnt know what he wanted. so we kept kissing and hugging even in front of kendra. he asked me to stay the night at his house. so i did. we watched some tv and layed in his arms. picture this guy is muscler... so i melted we ended up falling asleep at 4 am and woke up at 6 am. we kissed and stuff and he kept so sweet. at his house so we went downstairs and sat down then his sister came down with her son rayu. sweet little boy. he was afraid of me though as he doesnt take to strangers. and well thats the moment we stopped being the couple. we just looked at eachother. but yeah he dropped me off at home and kissed my cheek. it was sooo sweet... but after that for 2 days didnt hear from him. i got kinda unsure. so finaly sent him a message. he respondend within the 10 minutes and told me. i like like you but just dont have those butterflys i dont know if theyll come i hope so. just im unsure of this... and we kept talking i flirted and he kept sending blushing smileys...  so after not seeing him a week all of a sudden my friend wanted me to go to dios latinos Thats a festival in amersfoort so i went and asked if he would come. didnt hear from him and was disappointed until all of a sudden he walked into the bar and smiled at me. we walked outside the brutus and talked then went to the stage there we leaned against each other he had his arm around my waist and held me close. but he was so tired he worked all day so finally i told him to go home after an hour orso. he nodded and me and him walked towards his house. i knew i couldnt go back with him to his house as he was leaving to go to his grandmas. so i kissed his cheek and we parted ways. didnt hear from him all day until i told him about my grandma he supported me. through whatsapp. again he was so sweet. its just in real life we kiss and stuff but on app he is unsure... its like a damn bad thing. i just hope to win his heart soon... i love him truely...

One less problem

Well as of last week thursday i talked to tim. He came over and we went for a walk it was so nice just enjoying the moment with him. My heart flutterd but he came to talk about us. i guess both of us were avoiding the subject but i couldnt keep avoiding it. So i asked him about it. He turned to me first and looked me in the eyes then looked away. he just kept walking looking for words like i did. Finally he broke the silence and said "Look its not you your beautifull and sweet but i dont feel the same for you as you do for me."I looked at him but his brown eyes never met my blue ones. I was shocked normally he looked into my eyes with something serious. So i just nodded. I smiled it off and he saw that. He was worried about me. I told him i truely liked him and wanted him to think he said he already thought. But he said the future may bring us together. I felt like i wanted to cry but didnt. i wanted to keep the peace with him. So we got close to his car. i asked him if he needed to go or not but he wanted to stay. so we sat down in a play ground and it lasting till 11:30 we laughed and talked thats when he looked into my eyes and it was sweet... i seriously wanted to kiss him. but i didnt. we laughed for hours and it was amazing. the best day ever if you love a guy. but he needed to go home so he and me walked back to the car and we hugged but it was longer than normal...

Im continuing this story... but this is the life of lexi... behind the account is a story...




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My life...

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